Using Bridge Loans to Help Overcome Short Term Financial Problems

It is quite common for any business to at some point face short term financial or cash flow problems. If you and your business is currently facing this issue thenutilising a bridge loan may be a viable solution.

What is a bridge loan?

A bridge loan is a short-term loan that can be used to overcome short-term financial problems. It is a type of loan that is usually taken out by businesses and individuals who are facing temporary financial difficulties. A bridge loan can help you to cover costs associated with your current situation, for example such as supplier invoices, rents or bills, tax liabilities and bounce back loans.

It can also help overcome other short term financial issues, such as helping to release funds quickly to fund new projects or research.

In some cases utilising a Bridge Loan can help the buyer negotiate a better price on a property by becoming a cash buyer.

How does a bridge loan work?

A bridge loan is a short-term loan that helps to alleviate short-term financial problems. Bridge Loansare generally associated with being used to purchase new properties or homes, but other uses can include;

  • New project funding
  • Paying off suppliers
  • Increasing workflow capabilities
  • Extending properties

A Bridge Loan is a short term loan with interest that is paid back over a set period of time. This is typically between 3 and 6 months, though there may be the option to extend the deal at the end of the current loan period.

What are the benefits of a bridge loan?

A bridge loan is a short-term, high-interest loan that can help you overcome short-term financial problems. Some benefits of using a bridge loan can include:

  • Buy a new investment property before selling another property – A bridge loan could allow you to buy a new property before selling an old property. This type of loan can be very helpful if you are facing short-term financial problems and need to quickly purchase an investment property in a sought after area.
  • Quick and easy access to funding when you need it – A bridge loan can provide quick and easy access to cash when you need it, which can help you avoid costly payday loans or other debt solutions.
  • Peace of mind – Using a bridge loancan give you peace of mind in knowing that you have access to quick and affordable funding, if necessary.
  • Bad credit Score not an issue – a Bridge Loan can be a helpful option if you are unable to qualify for a traditional loan because of your credit history. As long as you hold enough equity in an existing property to secure the loan, you may be eligible for a Bridge Loan.

What is Bridge loan calculator?

A bridging loan calculator can be a great aid to indicate how much money are able to borrow, how much interest you will pay back and over what period.A good bridging calculator will should into account all property values as well asmortgages and charges against the current properties. Using a bridging calculator like this should allow you to see what you would potentially be able to borrow against how much and across what period you would expect to pay it back.

How to apply for a bridge loan

Applying for a bridge loan couldn’t be simpler. Once you have determined what you require and for how long, along with mortgage amounts held against the property and any charges, the application form at Simply fill in the form and one of our decision makers will make direct contact with you to give you your free instant decision.

Where can I get a bridge loan anywhere in the UK?

If you are looking to secure a short-term bridging loan, looking online can be arduous and stressful experience. There are many brokers online who can offer great deals, however as they are not direct lenders this process can take a lot longer than a lender who has direct access to funds.

Bridge Direct is a direct lender lending to businesses throughout the UK, and will consider bad or adverse credit. Below are just a few of the reasons why businesses return to Bridge Direct again and again for their bridging loan solution:

40 years lending experience in the mortgage and financial services industry.
Loans from £30,000 to £3 million
Speak to the decision maker
1st & 2nd charges available
Each deal assessed on its individual merits
No set criteria
No middle men – direct access to funds
Instant decisions with no credit search required
No matter what your circumstances are, they will consider a loan for you
No proof of income required
Adverse credit considered
Interest rollup available

By completing their online form you will receive a call directly from one of the decision makers with an instant decision. No matter you situation, Bridge Direct may have a bridging loan solution for you!

Alternatively you can look to get in touch with a decision maker by calling on 020 3126 4969.

Contact Bridge Direct

You can contact bridge direct in many ways, you can contact us directly using the contact details below;

 020 3126 4969

Alternatively, fill in the contact form below and one of our decision makers will contact you shortly to help you.